sábado, marzo 15, 2008

Coche Bomba

Frank el otro "5 años de trash guerrilla" pesaba demasiado y no lo pude subir asi que este para que lo escuches

Starting the band was rather harsh and difficult. The first Year we decided to form a band, we were deprived of name and any defined musical style: Just take five jerks with diverse musical influences and imprecise musical practices playing some kind of weird and discordant punk. The disbanding was done during our second gig held inside a huge underground parking lot with a dozen of other local bands during the national event known as the "music's feast" ( occuring in France every June 21st where bands play in the street with the approbation of government and authorities...). Our set was cut by a fistfight between the vocalist and an angry audience member. To create diversion, we left the equipment to the audience, which simultaneously provoked a small riot that extended all night long. The tone was given, even if that place wasn't fit for libations... The following was rather hopeless, unstable or alcoholic members, spoiled gigs, reject and despise from the local "indie" scene, lack of financial means and proper equipment: Too many reasons for us to call it quits. But, at the same time, the noise began to take form, at least the shape we aimed to create... The disturbed environment taking place during the 90's didn't let us running out of subject matter about the topics we develop in our songs. Screaming to ward off those heavy dark clouds who gather above our heads. Since the Gulf Crisis and the settings of the E.U., the French society is moving straight ahead. The values of freedom cherished by the government seemed to dissolve into computer control, latent martial law, riots, rising poverty and rampant fascism... Yeah, straight in da wall materialized by their lack of perspectives. New world order, globalization, mondialism, standardization, uniformization, unicity: One way of thinking. If the only fate for mankind is being reduced to numbers registered in a numeric data bank, the whole plan is to recycle humans into edible meat, who knows...


Demo Remasterissé

1. Fuego
2. Hate
3. Vaya con dios
4. Fujimori
5. Plástico ( infest)
6. Bush ces`t gore
7. Miseria
8. miami(go)
9. Miseria
10. El mundo
11. Trbngr
12. Que
13. Human bomb
14. Pueblos que quieren su autonomía
15. Medley
16. Professional punk

Lo escucho al toque!

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